Sunday, June 17, 2012

We gone mad

happy father's day to my super daddy <3 and to all fathers around the world. i miss him so much, its still 2 week left for my hometown *sigh. btw, as you guys don't know, I got fever  for almost 4 days this past few days. i went to check up and you know what i still can't believe what the doctors said about my sickness. they told me that my white blood is way too high and there's bacteria inside my blood. and i got urine infection. wtf. i know right. it doesn't makes any sense for me. and as you know, I've been so busy with my final projects. still done with 20% of my projects and 5 days left before the D-day. yes i know. fml. gotta continue my work. bye!
please mind my rudeness cause this final.
dewi novita sari

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