Saturday, April 30, 2011

Congratulation for Prince William and Kate. You guys must be very happy :) how i wish can be like Kate, marry a prince and have a superb wedding party and being a princess. aww! :')
♥ dewi

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear God, or whoever answers prayers, wishes, or performs miracles,
I like a boy. And I know I have liked boys in the past. But I was wondering it maybe, this one could like me back? And maybe actually end up with me? Because I'm just really tired of getting hurt, and seeing everyone else in the world get a chance. I was just wondering if maybe this could be my turn? For the first time ever?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

how hard will it be?

to leave Medan?
to say goodbye to family and fellows?
to close the chapter of life in here and open a new chapter of life there?

Medan has been in my heart for 18 years old. all beautiful moments, sad moments, any kind of sorrows has been created in here. i just still cant believe that i've graduated and must continue my study to university life. will be sad to leave but, yeah this is life. life must go on. it is really the end of this chapter in my life here. I have grown alot. still searching, but a soul peace has settled over me. thank God
♥ dewi

Monday, April 25, 2011

Feels so good waking up on your own bed. That's what i felt when i woke up this morning. Yesterday i just came back from my trip to brastagi. yeah, it was a nice trip but sick got over me there. it was freakin' terrible and horrible. i even cant open my eyes. fiuhh. i'm pretty sure will miss the memorable moments that we had made :')
♥ dewi

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goodbye school!

helloooooo fellassssssssssssss :D
imma so happy today. today is our last war in senior high school (last exams). there will be no more warrrrrr again. yayyy!! and guess what? tomorrow me and some of my classmates will have a trip to brastagi. it will be fun ;) gotta go now, hendrix will pick me and ch. talk to you later. xx

♥ dewi

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ten ways to Love :
1. Listen without interrupting.
2. Speak without accusing.
3. Give without sparing.
4. Pray without ceasing.
5. Answer without arguing.
6. Share without pretending.
7. Enjoy without complaint.
8. Trust without wavering.
9. Forgive without punishing.
10. Promise without forgetting.

♥ dewi

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I wish that I had
never met you.
Then there would be no need to impress you.
No need to want you. No need for loving you.
No need to crying over you. No needs for heartbreaks.
No need for pain or tears. No need for forgotten promises.
No need rejected hugs. No need for crying myself to sleep.
No need for acting like you care.
No need for everything you've done to make me feel like absolutely nothing.

But the again, I'm glad i did meet you.
Cause you were the one who always asked me if anything was wrong.
You were to one who loved me for me.
The one who cared when everyone else didn't.
The one who listened.
The one who stayed up late just to talk about the randomest shit ever.
You were the one who i told secrets to.
The one who taught me new things.
The one who laughed at my bad jokes.
The one who did things, just for me.

♥ dewi

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last day for school

And here comes the last day of school. I never thought today will come this fast. Heaps of photos taken today, and this some of them. enjoy :)
♥ dewi

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Field Trip

Today I and my classmates had a field trip to Xun Bao. It was a nice trip, we can know how the newspaper was made. But it was freaking hot there. Maybe it was the last trip for us. There will be no more trip because 3 days left for school. *sigh. Time surely flies this fast. I still can't believe it, 3 days left for school. I do hate farewell :'(
♥ dewi

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Mop!

Hello April :) Please be good to me :):)
Today is 1st April. Sometimes we called it as April Mop or April Fool's Day because in this day is widely recognized and celebrated as a day that tolerates practical jokes and general foolishness. The day is marked by the commission of good humored or funny jokes, hoaxes, and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, teachers, neighbors, work associates, etc. And i've been tricked by two kids!! It was abun (desty's bf) and devina. they both have been succeed tricked me! == Let's forget it. hmm,, here's my wishlist for april :
1. All of us 12 grade students CAN PASS OUR NATIONAL EXAM. 100% PASS! amen O:)
2. Macbook Pro (i know i'll get it soon :p)
3. Ipod / Iphone
hahaha. that's it :p. will skip school tomorrow. hippie :D goodnight xx

♥ dewi