Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Faded away

If you’re in a long distance relationship you know these kind of people, the type of annoying people that always say something along the lines of:
“You’re in a long distance relationship? Wow! I love him/her so much, but I could never be that far away from them for a long time.”

All right, the first statement that I’ve heard a million times over is the most annoying crap I’ve ever had listen to. I always thought being in a long-distance relationship was not a big deal, you can just talk on the phone or on the internet instead of seeing each other in person. Sadly, I forgot about the time differences. I’m probably a little bit biased and sick to death of love with all the couple's stuff I’ve seen but when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other, seeing happy couples everywhere you go, is really crapSometimes I'm afraid that he will fall in love with another girl that he met there. Well, even he said he will never cheat on me but who knows, right? Don't get me wrong if one day I won't believe any boys. Back to reality, been struggling this few days. Tons of assignments are waiting to be done. Should really stop procrastinating. Better continue my assignments. Bye.

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