Monday, March 26, 2012

7979,54 miles away

hey how's life? :) I've done my final projects and now I'm on holiday. but it sucks when your friends are going back to hometown and you're alone -.- since i got one week holiday so i decided to stay at vivi's in sunway. i'll going back to my place this friday. and you know what, finally i moved to single room. yayy! i'll show you the picture soon :) honestly I'm feeling so blue in here. totally blue :( people tell me that I'm so strong for this situation but seriously there's a part of me that nobody knows. nobody knows the mess that i am when I'm alone. they don't see how i fall apart. i do need someone out there right here next to me right now. i try and stay strong everyday, but when i see those people looking into each others eyes and smiling, cuddling, laughing together, even simply holding hands, my heart starts to ache and i feel like breaking down. i try and stay strong everyday. this is a decision we both made and i don't regret it. i don't wish i was with someone here and i don't blame anyone or anything. this is my our decision. i know it isn't easy but it isn't impossible either. i try not to give up because sometimes i realized that beginnings are always the hardest. so lets keep my head up, stay strong, fake a smile and move on.


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