Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Until i was loved by you

You came into my life unexpectedly,
Everything turned right and better.
Your eyes, your laugh, and your voice,
All became a part of me.

You gave yourself to me totally,
Without any doubt and fear.
You make a special place in my heart,
I know will always remain forever.

I was afraid to love until you came,
I just realized now I had never known.
What it meant to be loved,
And feel being special someone.

I can't explain how it feels,
To love you and beloved by you.
Those words can't say,
Those feelings I can't tell.

I never known what's love all about,
And what it meant to be loved.
What it feels to be special,
Until I was loved by you.

Dewi Novita Sari

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