Friday, July 8, 2011

What your birthday stars foretell

I found my mom's foretell book and here's the meaning of my birthday.

3 March
Versatile, adaptable, generous, sensitive, you come under dominion of the planet Jupiter and the sign Pisces. People of your type, whatever their sex, always have a strongly maternal streak---you "mother" people. This very often entails taking on a good deal of responsibility. You will be your own worst enemy, but as you are able to turn your hard to most things and deal with most situations, there is nothing to regret. The fortunate number is 3; color, purple. Thursday would be a good day. Years of age which be divided by 3 or 12 are good.
As regards business, you have a capacity for running two things at the one time. If you lose, it will be through lack of concentration; when you gain, it will be through sheer luck and personal influence. Prosperity usually comes to your type fairly early, but you seldom save money. There would, however, be some luck in gambling, speculation and sweepstakes.
"Lucky in love" as a rule, you might marry more than once, and there would be happiness. The constitution is sensitive. You will be well when in congenial surroundings.

Well, that's the meaning of my birthday. And i hope the word "you might marry more than once" is totally wrong. I wont marry more than once. ONCE IS ENOUGH.

Dewi Novita Sari

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