Friday, May 20, 2011


hey, how's your days? I hope it was great, not like mine *sigh. This few days am so busy with all things that needs for apply my university and finally it was finished today :) hmm,, maybe 4 or 5 months more i will off there then continue my study. but i've been thinking this since the day where i had decided to take that major. am i right to take this major? and what will happen with my future life? there's so many things in my mind :s anw, i had decided that i wont take ielts exam, because i'm sure i will not passed. i realize that my english was bad and i need to practice my english. and i don't care what people think about my english. i tried my best. this is my blog so if you don't like it you may get off from this site :) well, i think it's enough for today. will have some fun with ma girls tomorrow. goodnight and enjoy your weekends :*

Dewi Novita Sari

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