Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye 17

oh hello guysssss :D it's been so long that i haven't update this blog. how's life ? mine sucks. exam will comes around 5 days more and i haven't prepare anything yet since i was too lazy to study even to touch my books! *sigh. ahh, let's left it behind. today is 2nd of march and it means today is the last day for me being 17 year-old. just in 3 hours more i'm officially 18 year-old girl :) but till now i haven't make my identity card ==. anw,, i've got my early-gift from my dad. how i love him so much. you're the best dad ever. thanks dad xoxo♥. am going to off now. i'll tell you more about tomorrow. goodnight xx

with ♥, dewi

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